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The SWTB Extender.NET product has been discontinued. You are being redirected to the website for the OPC Data.NET.

The OPC Data.NET includes a live data binding feature that gives you the same quick, codeless development options you enjoyed with Extender .NET- only improved!

If you are already an Extender.NET user consider the following benefits of migrating to the OPC Data.NET

  • 100% managed library.
  • Supported for current operating systems and .NET development environments.
  • Bind more than just values. Data.NET allows you to bind the timestamp, quality, error messages and more.
  • Quickly configure and edit multiple bindings through one common interface.
  • Bind to groups of tags so one action controls an event on multiple output controls.
  • Control group parameters, such as percent deadband, update rate, and acceptable age of the value.
  • Format string values.
  • Change a form controls color based on status of value, for example, with unknown or bad quality.


Please note that due to the nature of the Extender.NET bindings, this will not be a direct upgrade of your project. You will have to manually re-bind controls using the Data.NET's binding extender.

Software Toolbox has taken extra steps to make the migration between these products as simple as possible. If you are using the Extender.NETs API to code your application the OPC Data.NET includes a special class called SWTBExtenderReplacement that mimics the API of the Extender .NET to reduce the amount of code changes and manual work required to migrate.

We have also provided two application notes to help walk you through the migration:

1. Step by step instructions on how to replace the Extender.NET library with the SWTBExtenderReplacement class.

2. A side-by-side comparison of how to perform basic OPC functions in Extender.NET and OPC Data.NET, such as browsing, reading, writing, and more.

If you would like to download a free, fully-functional demo version of the software click here.

Please contact Software Toolbox Technical Support for migration pricing.

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